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Jacob & Smooth was founded in January 2015 – a consulting firm dedicated to providing advisory, consultancy and project management services to a diverse clientele including, small business mid-cap companies and large-cap multinationals and NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises. 

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to empower businesses globally for a better future. We want organizations of all kinds to flourish – and we want to ensure that businesses are equipped with all the resources they need to succeed and thrive. Our aim is to journey and walk with an organization through the entire process – whether it’s just starting out from the very beginning or whether it’s a significant project the entity is taking on later on.


We are bridge-builders. Our aim is to be there for companies in India as they find networks and partners globally and to help global companies partner, integrate and work with domestic companies. We know in building partnerships and building companies both in India and globally, there are always going to be challenges – cultural, regulatory and legal nuances of doing business.  


That’s why our mission is to provide business solutions and access to networks and partners globally to help smoothen the operational productivity of our clients and maximize their efficiency with the best-in-class international standards.


Our values are important to us. They are what make the company what it is and are integral to the DNA of Jacob & Smooth. 

Business Meeting

We provide quality business services. We strive to understand every nuance of your company and are meticulous with the details. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that we present a plan to you that will cause your organization to flourish.


We approach every relationship with integrity. Honesty, transparency and trust are key to creating a holistic business that ultimately flourishes. We believe in being straightforward with our clients about the on-the-ground realities, no matter how harsh and brutal the reality is, but at the same time we remain optimistic and positive in finding solutions for you.

Business Consultation
Business Meeting

We are team players. The key to a company’s success is ensuring the right people are on board from the very start. The team is more than just a group of professionals working together – we know the best solutions come out when relationships and friendships are fostered and a culture of collaboration, cooperation and community thrives.

Online Workshop

We must communicate effectively and efficiently. Most problems arise as a result of bad communication – and we believe there is no greater detriment to the growth of a company that a lack of right communication. We believe in going above and beyond in communicating what is necessary with one another and to our clients and ensuring that we approach every problem with a comprehensive understanding.

Online Workshop
Online Workshop
Financial Analyst

Accountability creates trust. We expect the highest standards of ourselves, and we expect ourselves to be accountable to our clients, to our employees, to our community and to ourselves. We will go out of our way to ensure we keep to our commitments and to hold up to the rigorous, professional standard we expect of ourselves. 

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