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Consulting Services

Jacob & Smooth was founded on a core belief: as both global and domestic companies based in India continue to face rapidly changing regulatory and technological challenges, there is a need for a holistic advisory service provider that understands the core needs of the organizations it works with and that provides solutions that allows those organizations to thrive.


In other words, at J&S, we interact closely with clients to provide them with the strategy and holistic operational and accounting processes they need to flourish. We help you mitigate risk, optimize performance and sustain results. 

Management Consulting

We create companies that flourish. We’ll help you become a more efficient organization, all while working with you to improve performance and deliver results. Ultimately, the best strategy comes down to a strong, executable, time-bound plan of action. We help you find the best plan – one that addresses the on-the-ground realities and challenges you as a company. 

Business start-up Services

As a new entrepreneur, running a business may feel like an overwhelming task – especially when you have to think about comprehensive plans for operations, marketing, finance and strategy. With years of experience working with start-ups across India, we are well equipped to help you find your footing in the market. We will help you to establish your company and provide the advice, services and support you need for your start-ups, enterprises and businesses to succeed. 

Business Networking

With global connections, primarily across Europe and Asia, J&S will help you find the partners you need to take your organization to the next level. Whether you’re looking for technical partners, investors or organizations with clear synergies, we will help you find the right connections. At this level, we work with both foreign companies who are looking to find trustworthy Indian partners and with Indian companies looking to establish their operations abroad. 


Registering your company can be a tedious and mind-numbing process – especially when you’re new to understanding the complexities of regulations both in India and in abroad. We’ll take care of the registration from the very beginning and help you get started. We provide registration services for company structures of all types, including but not limited to private limited companies, branch offices, liaison offices, project offices and representative offices all over India. In addition to registration services, we will also help you set-up the office space – along with any architectural and interior design consulting services you may need.

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