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Training Services

As an organizational leader, director or manager, one of your main tasks in your journey to create a flourishing company is to instill a culture of discipline, knowledge seeking and understanding in your organization. That’s why as much as we provide real solutions and deliverables, we also provide the training your organization needs to flourish – including cross-cultural team management, financial management and development project management.

Cross-cultural Team Management

It can be difficult to understand the cultural nuances of a company that you’ve just started working with. How do you know if you are communicating correctly and if the information you are providing is actually making sense to the person you’re talking to? That’s why we help you understand the nuances of different cultures – both for Indian companies planning to work or that are already working abroad as well as foreign companies planning to work or that are already working in India. We will work right alongside you to develop respectful cultural practices that help your employees succeed no matter what environment they’re in. This includes trainings on team-building, managing people from different cultures, negotiations and communications nuances. Our aim, as always, is to make it easier for companies to do business cross-culturally. 

Financial Management

With years of experience in financial management and accounting, we will help you develop the processes you need for effective accounting. Not only that – we will teach you and your team how to begin managing it yourself. We break down the complexities and uncertainties of the tax code and international accounting practices and help you understand in a simple way.  

Development Project Management

The task of project management can seem large – especially when thinking about the planning, organizing, mobilizing of resources and developing of plans, procedures and protocols you’ll need to achieve your goals in an efficient manner. Our experts provide training on starting up these small enterprises and executing all types of projects. We break down project management into its various parts and show you – in a way that’s easy to understand – how to manage projects in a way that delivers the best results. 

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